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Maintenance of all electrical constructions, including buildings, factories, equipment, electrical
Motors, generators, inverters, distribution boards, electrical panals and change-over switches.

Electrical Construction:

Wiring of houses and smaller buildings and Factories;
Wiring of annexure and improvements to buildings;
Upgrade of electrical switchgear - houses, buildings and factories;
Installation of pre-paid meters;
Installation of generators.

Electrical Motors:

Installations of electrical motors and motor-pump combinations;
Replacement of bearings on motors;
Electrical repair to motors - no re-wiring;
Construction and supply of ordinary starters, star-delta starters, soft starters and variable
Speed drives.


Supply and installation of air conditioners;
Service and maintenance of air conditioners;
Supply and installation of Chillers;
Service and maintenance of Chillers;
Cold- and freezer rooms - supply, install, maintenance.


General electrical construction and maintenance of mining equipment.

Household Appliances:

Repairs done to stoves, washing machines, microwaves, kettles, urns, dishwashers and
Tumble dryers.


Supply generators;
Install generators;
Repairs and maintenance.

Power Supply Boxes:

Construction of power boxes for equipment and generators;
Distribution boards;
Motors starters.

Power Saving:

Supply and installation of unique, simple system at your geyser to decrease power usage
With up to 20 units per day - very simple, yet very effective.

Logging of power systems:

Logging of power supply boxes - main distribution boxes / distribution boxes;
Precise reading of the power supplied by supplier and of the power used by consumer.

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